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VENTRAC Stump Grinder KC180



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Cutter Head Specifications

Cutter Head Tilt

20 degrees

Carbide Tips

16 (3 sided replaceable)

Cutter Head Width

3.5 inches (8.9 cm)

Overall Cutter Head Diameter

18 inches (45.7 cm)

Cutter Head Speed

900 RPM

Cutting Depth Below Ground Level

6 inches (15 cm)




33 inches (83.8 cm)


28.5 inches (72 cm)


19 inches (48 cm)


170 lbs (77.1 kg)

All specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

The KC180 Stump Grinder makes quick work of unwanted stumps and roots. Heavy-duty carbide cutters provide extended and effective performance in spite of dirt, stones, and debris in work area.

The Stump Grinder, mounted on the 4000 Series tractor, creates an agile, powerful and “turf friendly” mobile unit for lawns, golf courses, parks, and municipalities.

A special convex mirror mounted to the tractor provides operator visibility to the front cutting edge. Steering wheel-controlled articulation provides side-to-side cutting action. Forward and reverse motion is controlled with the tractor’s hydrostatic drive.

Standard Features

  • 16 Carbide Cutters (3 sided replaceable)
  • Adjustable stand for holding attachment when storing
  • Convex mirror for safely viewing the operation from the tractor
  • Ventrac Mount System
  • Electric Actuator for reverse rotation & slower speeds