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Innovation and excellence go hand in hand. It revolutionises and changes the world – makes it better, smarter, and efficient.

From Thomas Alva Edison to Steve Jobs, all these visionaries aspired to change the world by possessing innovation and excellence.

Marvin Steiner, a farmer from Ohio, also shared this way of thinking with a different goal in mind: revolutionise the way people perform farming activities. It is a truly inspirational story that led to the establishment of one of the most innovative tractor brands around the world.

As a supporter of Ventrac, you can learn about our story:

A Humble Beginning

In the small city of Orrville, Ohio, Marvin Steiner, who was passionate about mechanised farming, began searching for innovative ways to do farming in the late 1950s. Due to rationing as well as shortages due to World War II, Steiner wanted smart solutions to make farming profitable and less labour intensive.

His family farm located in the east of Orrville became the playground of all his innovations and inventions. Marvin had seven sons, and all of them were enthusiastic about their father’s innovations and inventions. They got the opportunity to test the inventions of Marvin and began following the footsteps of their father – working on smart solutions for farming and other labour-intensive works.

Not only that, but they also began following the values of their father, including his work ethic, passion for humanity, and faith in God – the values that helped Marvin to make inventions to help their neighbours in need. Ultimately, the values of Steiner led him to help people around the globe.

The family focused on producing solutions that can make life simpler using practical engineering, common sense, and design ingenuity. Today, these are the core characteristics that Ventrac fosters to stay innovative, competitive, and relevant to the market needs.

In the mid-1970s, the Steiner brothers established Steiner Corporation. The next 14 years saw a rapid expansion of the company with custom solutions to the requirements of the agricultural industry of America. Over the period, it grew into three major marketing divisions.

The Growth To Market Leadership

The firm was renamed as Venture Products in 1996. Soon after that, the Steiner brothers launched the brand Ventrac with a focus on making next-generation compact tractors.
The all-wheel-drive compact tractors under the Ventrac brand captured the imagination of the customers and soon became some of the top-selling tractors around the globe. Specifically, features such as the “minute mount system” made the tractors highly versatile to realise the requirements of various sectors, from farming to construction.

In 1998, we launched the Ventrac 4000 tractor series – the very first series under the Ventrac brand. The success of the 4000 series helped us to expand our distribution network across the globe, starting from 1999.

At Venture Products, we have made peoples’ lives hassle-free through our practical engineering.

Today, Dallas Steiner, President of Ventrac, and Mark Steiner, Vice President of Ventrac, firmly follow the philosophy of their late father, Marvin Steiner, to take Ventrac forward.
According to Marvin Steiner, “This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind. Let it be something good.”

Marvin’s passion from the early days of the company started the vision for Venture Products to be innovative and offer something unique and different to its customers.

Our Vision And Core Values

What is the secret of the success of Ventrac?

There is only one answer: “Commitment to providing a unique, superior quality product while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics.”

With five core values – Quality, Ethics, Growth, Independence, and People – we establish our vision and guarantee that our customers receive quality, highly-durable, and innovative tractors and farming equipment.

How Do We Incorporate The Core Values To Our Business?

Our company applies innovation and standardised manufacturing methods to provide the best tractor solutions to its customers around the globe. Our commitment to quality solutions makes us one of the finest manufacturers of lawnmowers around the globe.

Venture Products maintains our highest standards with everyone, including customers, suppliers, employees, and the global community. Our ethics are not just a procedure or protocol for Venture Products, but it is the lifeblood of the company’s existence and growth.

We are always committed to producing unique and innovate products to help our customers make their lives and their work simpler, easier, and more efficient.

We incorporate our ethics into every aspect of both our personal and business interactions.

Venture Products are an independent company with the desire, motivation, and capability to control our direction. We always focus on our customers and dealers, and our strong focus on being independent helps us to be truly customer-centric and work on solutions that the market demands.

Venture Products also wants to positively influence the global community and prioritise both our dealers and employees. At Venture Products, we are dedicated to being fair to both. We maintain a great work environment that encourages the growth of our company as well as the community.

We have a strong, balanced growth goal that develops the markets that we operate in and improve our financial stability. We are focused on spending our time and talents on producing innovative product solutions that are second to none.

In addition to developing new and innovative equipment, we also invest our time and expertise in discovering new management and manufacturing procedures, the development of our people and their ideas, and personal growth. By all means, our core values are the foundation of all our growth and success.

What Makes Our Products Different?

At Venture Products, we market each of our tractors after extensive testing to ensure durability and great results to our customers. Our experienced technicians, who love to take pride in their work, handcraft each tractor by exercising their commitment to delivering excellence.

All our products are sold through Ventrac’s authorised distributors who are enthusiastic and qualified to serve the needs of the customers. Our distributors have a great reputation for their superior-quality product solutions and service excellence.

At Venture Products, we welcome all distributors and dealers who are passionate to make a difference with their service by offering a unique service experience to our customers. We invite you to Venture Products to explore our range of products, service excellence, and commitment to producing innovative solutions.

The firm is always proud of its accomplishments, and we want to share our success with distributors and dealers.

Capabilities Lead To Excellence

Since 1996, Ventrac tractors and attachments have been built in Orrville, where we began our journey. We have established two tractor manufacturing plants in Orrville with the focus on designing and manufacturing tractors, including research and development for new products, fabrication and welding, tractor assembly lines, service, parts production, and warehouse facilities.

We use 3D and 2D CAD software to make all our industrial designs. While we employ robotic welders to complete the welding works, we use CNC machines for fabrications.

The Ventrac tractors showcase excellent versatility, and we supply 30 different attachments – blades, brooms, rakes, mowers, blowers, edgers, stump grinders, loaders, and more. With our Ventrac Mount System, you can attach or detach these tools in less than a minute.

The attachments make our tractors ideal for different marketplaces, such as rental yards, churches, municipalities, universities, golf courses, sports facilities, estates, shopping centres, nurseries, airports, tree growers, and much more.

A Truly Global Firm

Today, we offer Ventrac tractors and farm equipment around the globe through our dealers and distributors. We have put our footprints in six continents with our quality products.

In addition to the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, we also supply our tractors and farm equipment in South Africa, Canada, China, Chile, Columbia, Japan, and many other Asian and European countries.

We have been recognised with various accolades in recent years for our professional excellence, commitment to offer quality product solutions, and corporate social responsibility. In 2013, we won the United States Presidential Awards for the export growth.

During the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, the Olympic contractors used Ventrac tractors to clear snow from all the spaces around the main stadium. It helped us to win Business Growth Awards for the Best Overall Story in 2018 by Cascade Capital Corporation.

Governmental organisations and prominent sports clubs around the globe choose Ventrac tractors and equipment to maintain their facilities and spaces. In August 2018, Tottenham Football Club – a leading soccer club in the United Kingdom – chose the Ventrac 4500 compact tractor to maintain its new training facility. According to the club’s management, the versatility of the tractor helps them to use the equipment for the maintenance of turf, car parking areas, pathways, and more.

The Journey Of Excellence Continues

We revisit our processes and procedures at regular intervals to make them relevant to the needs of the changing market. It also helps us to stay innovative in every phase we are involved with or contribute to. Our ethics and values drive us forward.

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