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Stock Code 39.35402
Rotation Forward
Gauge Wheels/Diameter 2 Adjustable/6 inches (15.24 cm)
Broom Width

54 inches (137 cm)

Broom Diameter 16 inches (41 cm)
Broom Speed 300 rpms@3200 engine rpms

Optional Accessories

LB Outrigger Wheels 39.35403
LB Front Belting Curtain 70.8029


Length 46.5 inches (118 cm)
Width 60.5 inches (154 cm)

Height, Overall

18.5 inches (46 cm)


240 pounds (109 kg)
Shipping Weight 333 pounds (151 kg)
Shipping Container (LWH) 63x47.5x22.5 inches (160x121x 57 cm)
All specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

The LB540 Power Broom is designed for the sweeping and removal of snow, leaves, dirt, light gravel, and other materials from parking lots, sidewalks, and other surfaces. Heavy duty nylon bristles make short work of any clean up job without damaging the surface below. A hydraulic cylinder angles the broom left or right from the operator’s seat. Adjustable gauge wheels set the height of work for precise adjustment. Optional outrigger wheels allow for controlled adjustment when dethatching turf. An optional front debris curtain is available for less over throw of material.

Standard Features

  • Nylon Bristle Rotor
  • Adjustable Gauge Wheels
  • Hydraulic Power Angle Cylinder
  • Ventrac Mount System

Optional Accessories

  • Adjustable outrigger gauge wheels for dethatching
  • Front Belting Curtain