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VENTRAC Ballpark Renovator DG550



DG550 (Front, Renovator)

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Overall Height

19 inches (48 cm)

Overall Length

46 inches (117 cm)

Overall Width

56 inches (142 cm)

Overall Weight

255 lbs

Renovator Blades

(3) 18.5 inch (47 cm) wide blades

Cutting Depth Adjustment


Cutting Depth - Maximum

2 inches (5.7 cm)

Scarifier Spring Tines

28 Tines


9 inch flat free

Optional Accessories


Suitcase Weight


Mid Weight Bar 4500 Kit


All specifications subject to change without notice or obligation


All specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

Ventrac is your solution to ballpark management, capable of handling everything from daily tasks to seasonal jobs. Reduce the amount of time and equipment needed to maintain your ballpark while improving the end results.


Standard Features

  • 3 Renovator Blades for weed removal, cutting and maintaining edge lines, and leveling.
  • Cutting depth of blades is controlled with the power unit’s auxiliary hydraulic handle.
  • Scarifier Tines for breaking up ground cut by the blades and adding surface mix or drying agent.
  • Leveling Bar carries and distributes material to fill in low areas.

Optional Accessories

  • Add up to 6 Suitcase Weights to help penetrate compacted surfaces