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VENTRAC Ballpark Groomer DR540



DR540 (Rear, Groomer)

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Overall Height

26.25 inches (67 cm)

Overall Length

19 inches (48 cm)

Overall Length with Brush Kit

23.5 inches (60 cm)

Overall Length with Drag Kit

69.5 inches (176.5 cm)

Overall Width

60.5 inches (154 cm)

Overall Width with Brush Kit

75.5 inches (192 cm)

Overall Width with Drag Kit

73 inches (185 cm)


315 lbs (143 kgs)

Weight of Brush Kit

45 lbs (20.5 kgs)

Weight of Drag Kit with Steel Drag

137 lbs (62 kgs)

Weight of Steel Drag

86 lbs (39 kgs)

Weight of Drag Kit with Coco Mat Drag

135 lbs (61 kgs)

Weight of Coco Mat Drag

84 lbs (38 kgs)

Roller Diameter

7 inches (18 cm)

Number of Spikes


Optional Accessories


Hydraulic Top Link


Groomer Brush Kit


Groomer Drag Kit (Steel and Coco Mat)


Suitcase Weight


All specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

Ventrac is your solution to ballpark management, capable of handling everything from daily tasks to seasonal jobs. Reduce the amount of time and equipment needed to maintain your ballpark while improving the end results.


Standard Features

  • Mount with Category One 3-Point Hitch*
  • Leveling Bar carries and distributes material to fill in low areas.
  • Roller packs down the dirt to give the field consistent play and bounce.
  • Spike Bar opens up a wet field surface to accelerate the drying process.

Optional Accessories

  • Optional brush kit for finishing a dry field.
  • Optional drag kit with both steel and coco mat drags for finishing a field under varying conditions.
  • Add up to 6 Suitcase Weights to help pack the field and minimize surface ripples.
  • Hydraulic Top Link