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Ride On Mowers Australia

Ride-on mowers are the natural choice for people with lawns that are more than half anacre. These mowers help people to quickly cut the grass and clear debris, withoutspending a whole day on the lot.

At Ventrac, we offer a range of ride-on mowers in Australia that comes with excellentmaneuverability and can greatly fit the needs of homeowners and businesses. Wecombine power and versatility to offer some of the best ride-on mowers in Australia.

Our range of ride-on mowers is ideal for all types of grass lots, including plain lawns,areas with tight passages, sloppy terrains, and much more.

Do you have lawns with obstructions, such as trees and bushes, and not happy with theperformance of your lawn mower?

As one of the leading supplier of ride-on lawn mowers in Sydney, Melbourne, and otherAustralian cities, we supply equipment that can address all your challenges with lawnmaintenance. We offer two different series of mowers for our customers in Australia.

3400 Series Tractors

Our 3400 series lawn mowers are great tools that empower the operators to perform aseries of tasks. These commercial ride-on mowers combine the capabilities of acompact tractor and zero-turn mower to produce the best grass cutting results.

The mowers are designed to move with excellent traction on sloped areas. Additionally,the tractors do not damage the grass buds and leave a light footprint, even in wetconditions.

With their leaf blowing capabilities, the mowers can remove the leaves in your yards inno time. The mowers are also capable of grinding the stumps of trees and bushes. Witha snow blower and blades, you can remove snow from the yard during winter.

4500 Series Tractors

The 4500 series lawn mowers are excellent for people who want high-power output andgreater agility. As a trusted name for ride-on mowers in Melbourne, Sydney, and otherAustralian cities, we designed the 4500 series with a number of features, including anarticulating frame, all-wheel drive, and powerful engines.

These lawn mowers deliver durable and consistent results on slopes with dual wheelsthat can provide smooth performance even on 30-degree slopes. Also, the independent rear and the front-oscillating frames ensure excellent traction. It makes the mowersadaptable to use on grounds with the rough and uneven terrain.

Additionally, the articulated four-wheel drive of the lawn mower ensures rear wheelsfollowing the front wheels. It ensures efficient mowing of the lawns compared to front-wheel driver mowers.

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