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Rear Weight Bracket 70.3043

Rear Weight Bracket 70.3043


Stock Code


Optional weights (2 Weights)


Shipping Weight, Rear Weight Bracket

6 lbs (2.7 kg)

Shipping Weight, Optional Rear weights

86 lbs (39 kg)

All specifications subject to change without notice or obligation


Rear Weight Bracket 70.3043 *Shown with optional suitcase weights

The rear weight bracket is available for adding additional weight to the rear of Ventrac 3400 tractors. The tractor may perform better with additional rear weight while operating specific attachments, or working on grades.


  • Ability to Mount 1 or 2 Weights
  • Holds Two 47 lb weights

Optional Accessories

  • Suitcase Weights

Recommended for:

  • LX420 Snow Blower
  • LQ450 Mower
  • 220 Spreader
  • EB480 Aerator
  • LM600 Mower