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Hydraulic Top Link 70.4038

Hydraulic Top Link 70.4038


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Shipping Weight 15 lbs (6.8 kg)

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150 lbs (68 kg)

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Hydraulic Top Link 70.4038

The Hydraulic Top Link is a great accessory to use with the Ventrac Category One 3-Point Hitch option. It allows for fast and easy mounting of attachments when used with the Ventrac 3-N-1 Hitch. (Blades, Slip Scoops, Terra Rake, etc.)

When used with standard 3-Point mounted attachments it allows for quick and easy adjustment forward and aft. Mounted to the 3-N-1 Adapter, it makes adjustment simple in varying conditions.

When the Hydraulic Top Link is used with the Ventrac 3-N- 1 Hitch it requires using the rear remote outlets.


If you are also using an attachment that requires use of the rear outlets, on units prior to serial #4200-WEB2555 and #4100-KDC1391, accessory kit 39.56104 is required to give a second set of rear remote outlets.