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Ventrac - Your Golf Course Solution

Experience what prestigious golf courses around the world already know. Ventrac's complete golf course management package offers more than dedicated machines, for a lower price tag. With one slope mower, Ventrac has multiple commercial grade attachment options to save time, labour, and costs by safely mowing slopes, reducing hand trimming, lowering maintenance of multiple machines and eliminating scalping and damage on the course.

How Ventraccan help to maintain your golf course

If you manage the grounds of a golf course of any size, having a Ventracslope mower is a must. Ventrac have a comprehensive range ofsteep slope mowersspecifically designed for maintaining the various heights, textures, and moisture levels found on golf course turfs, especially slopes of up to 30 degrees. It will mow, aerate, reseed, and many other landscaping tasks in a timely and efficient manner. 

Your golf course will benefit from using a Ventracsteep hill mower that canlean down into dips and over slopesto ensure every turf has an even finish all around your golf course. These Ventracsteep slope mowers are equipped with dual wheels, AWD performance, and a stable platform that are designed to achieve results in less time.Turf damage and disturbance will be reduced thanks to the large flotation tyres that help to ensure a light footprint, superior ground contact, exceptional manoeuvrability, and remarkable agility.

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