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12-Volt Switch/Control-Front 70.4104

12-Volt Switch/Control-Front 70.4104


Stock Code


Shipping Weight

3 lbs (1.4 kg)

*Requirement for front mounted Spreader 200


Four pin “Pigtail” plug adapter

(required for Spreader 220)


12-Volt Switch/Control-Front 70.4104

The Kit Includes:

Two toggle switches that mount on the dash of the 4500 Tractor. One is a momentary contact, the other On/Off. Both are connected to the receiver plug, which mounts over the front Auxiliary Valve Couplings. The 12 Volt plug makes for easy connection and removal when mounting Ventrac attachments requiring electrical power.


  • HB580 Broom Actuator
  • KX523 Snow Blower Chute Actuator
  • EA600 Gandy Seeder Option
  • KV552 V-Blade
  • Spreader 220*
  • KR502/702 Terra Rakes